we are fueled by creativity and a love for what we do.

simple. fresh. outside the box.

we love technology and we can engineer just about anything.

with your help, we will evolutionize digital marketing.

we interface with your marketing team and/or agency to architect, create, implement, and manage digital strategy unification through fun, simple, fresh, and outside-the-box ideas and approaches.

we stand where digital, creativity, passion, and fun roads intersect, and we'd like for you to meet us there.

meet the team

the crazies behind the scenes.

Charles Jamerlan
Jeff Sassaman

What We Do

full service digital firm that engineers top-line marketing performances propelled by technology.

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websites & applications
are you bored by the same old web presence?

we engineer new life and perspective into your web existence by building websites and custom (sexy) enterprise solutions.

mobile & wearables
need an app for iOS and Android devices?

we engineer applications for your smartphone, tablet, and wearable devices — whether it's standalone or part of your overall strategy.

story time
has your brand told a good story lately?

we know how important communication is, so let us use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques to bring your story to life.

creative & branding
looking for something eye-catching?

we help paint your picture through imagination, beauty, and elegance.

unification hub
is your strategy all over the place?

we take your disconnected stand-alone programs and coalesce them.

social media integration
is this part of your strategy?

we're well versed in the world of facebook, instagram, and twitter — yet another inclusion custom tailored for your overall strategy.


specific services that will revitalize your online presence

  • CMS (Content Management Systems) - WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
  • Content Migration
  • SEO
  • Responsive Design
  • Branding/Re-Branding
  • Social Media Integration and Marketing
  • Manage Web Hosting
  • CMS Training and Management
  • Content Updates
  • Our Process (if you've read the above)


    together we will brainstorm to create your perfect blueprint.


    from that blueprint, we lay your bricks using the latest technologies.


    at this point, all the bricks have been laid, and after detailed testing, it's time to go live.


    in today's rapidly changing digital environment, we'll make sure your foundation doesn't crumble.

    Fundamentals and principles are important to us.
    We'll make sure it works or pretty much anything.
    We like to keep it simple and pretty.
    Our code will scale as your audience grows.

    fun facts about us

    we're interesting folks


    years old

    when charles started writing code.



    jeff has endured in his lifetime.


    total viewings

    charles has had of the little mermaid.


    # of 300s jeff has bowled

    but he tries every friday night.

    lovingly made in new jersey

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